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A soothing touch-less massage designed to provide total relaxation, wellness, and escape from everyday life.

Hydromassage massage detox relax

Relax and Reduce Pain


The Hydromassage can relax your body and the pressure of the water jets all soothe your aches and pains. Now imagine feeling this way without undressing or getting wet. That’s what our hydromassage table feels like. Just lie back, and within minutes you will achieve a state of total relaxation. Hydromassage is private, affordable and no one touches you. It’s just you and the table in a quiet area.

Hydromassage­—An Effective Alternative to Hands-On Massage


There are many advantages hydromassage has over traditional, hands-on massage. The table combines flotation, heat and massage to produce the therapeutic effects.


• Hydromassage is done through the clothing to save you time and the potential embarrassment of  having to get undressed.

• There are no oils so you don’t feel uncomfortable afterwards.

• Even the busiest person can find the time to use it.

• You relax more deeply as hydromassage is done alone.

• It’s inexpensive—anyone can afford it.

• It targets key tension areas where  people usually need massage—the neck, back and shoulders.

Hydromassage massage detox relax
$35 for 30 minutes

Opening Hours:

We are open 7 days a week.  By appointment only, appointments must be scheduled by the client. DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY APPOINTMENTS IF YOU HAVE HAD ALCOHOL WITHIN THE LAST 24 HOURS. All New clients MUST pay in advance with the card on file. 

Click HERE to see our availability.

Q & A for Hydromassage Therapy


Q. Why do we offer hydromassage therapy?


A. Hydromassage is used to relax your body, reduce muscle spasms, 

increase circulation, and it’s an effective alternative to hands-on 



Q. How do hydromassage tables work?


A. Heated water is pumped, under pressure, through a series of rotational 

hydrotherapy jets inside a water filled mattress. The water pressure 

against your body provides the massage and is similar to the action of a 

hot tub.


Q. What does hydromassage feel like?


A. Hydromassage can affect each person differently but primarily it produces 

an overall relaxed feeling. You will be soothed by the heat of the water and 

any pain or tension in your neck, back or shoulders should diminish.

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