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Lymphatic Drainage 

The most underrated circulatory system in the human body is our lymphatic system. The lymph system is a vital circulatory system and the body's primary immune defense and waste eliminator system, critical to managing the elimination of toxins from your body. When the lymphatic system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by viruses, fungi and bacterium. With the lymphatic system blocked inflammation occurs. Most chronic disease conditions are the result of inflammation.

lymphatic drainage lymph detox

Opening Hours:

We are open 7 days a week.  By appointment only, appointments must be scheduled by the client. DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY APPOINTMENTS IF YOU HAVE HAD ALCOHOL WITHIN THE LAST 24 HOURS. All New clients MUST pay in advance with the card on file. 

Please note that all clients will be charged the full card amount for the scheduled service 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. No exceptions.

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Lymphatic Drainage


Prices are subject to change.

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