Oxygen Bar

What does an oxygen bar do?


When you inhale pure oxygen, it enters your blood stream through your lungs and then goes to the brain. Done for 20 minutes, people claim it gives them an enhanced feeling of calm, “a natural high”, increased energy, and a calmer more centered demeanor. The oxygen bar experience creates a clarity of mind, alertness, a feeling of enhanced perception and high level of energy. The aromas stimulate the olfactory senses and some are utterly relaxing while others are invigorating and stimulating. So it is a great combination of energy combined with relaxation which many claim makes them feel like they are floating on air.

An experience that creates a clarity of mind, alertness, and high level of energy

Morgan at the Oxygen Bar


$20 for 25 minutes

Prices are subject to change.Please note that all new clients will be charged the full amount 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. No exceptions.



- Contains Antioxidant Properties

- Boosts Libido

- Relieves PMS Symptoms

- Fights Infections

- Works as an Antidepressant

- Reduces Inflammation

- Lowers Blood Pressure



- Muscle Pain Relief 

- Sinus Care

- Reduce Hunger Cravings

- Natural Energizer

- Allergy Relief

- ADHD Support

- Headache Cure

- Respiratory Benefits 



- Reduces anxiety and emotional stress

- Improves sleep

- Alleviates Headaches

- Improves mood 

- Calming effect 


$20 for 25 minutes


- Mood Booster

- Vitamin C 

- Great for Skin



- Cleanse from cold and flu virus

- Sinus and Allergies 

- Respiratory problems 



- Great for asthma 

- Great for bronchitis 

- Can lower blood pressure

oxygen bar

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